picture of me in a dark green shirt, long dark hair, in front of a wood background
Hi there! My name is Layla (she/her).

I’m a designer from San Francisco, CA. I’m a recent grad of Mills College, and am looking for full time work at an exciting, socially-conscious company.

I care deeply about design justice and liberatory design, and view design as a powerful tool in shaping the relationship between humans and technology. I do my best to challenge both design and tech and continuously learn about how to improve their roles in our increasingly tech-forward world.

I have always loved design as the intersection between creativity, problem-solving, and the human experience. As a kid, I was already implementing design systems when selling my classmates semi-personalized, course-specific binder cover designs for a handful of cheerios. At 8, I was sketching wireframes for the newest smart phone "for girls" when I saw the iPhone making waves. My young entrepreneurial spirit even cold emailed a typo-filled business pitch made on Microsoft Paint to a “bill@microsoft.com” (spoiler: I did not get a response).

When I first learned about UX designer in my teens, I was too amazed that I thought it was too good to be true. So, I spent my high school and college years exploring my other interests like education, languages, and entrepreneurship. I eventually graduated with a B.A. in International Economics, which influences my tendency to consider a global, diverse market and balance creativity with strategy.

However, I knew that user experience design was exactly the kind of work I wanted to learn and do. I learned UX on my feet through a series of personal and professional projects, and am excited to begin a career at a company I love. I dedicated my undergrad thesis to exploring how design and tech impact our lives. Titled Ctrl-V: How Design and Tech Replicate Systems of Oppression, I studied the role of design, tech, and artificial intelligence in our society and how they, when left unchecked, can be dangerous. I aim to learn to be a better designer, not just in my skills and methods, but in how I design beyond and against the status quo, binaries, and harmful economic, social, and political systems.


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