Designing technology with an intersectional & liberatory approach to all parts of the design process.

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Hello! I’m Layla (she/her) and I’m a designer and design researcher from San Francisco, CA.


I care deeply about design justice and view design as a powerful tool in shaping the relationship between humans and technology. I study and practice how to prioritize user safety, intersectionality, harm prevention, worker’s rights, accessibility, and class consciousness through liberatory design in all realms of technology. I challenge existing notions of inclusive design, human-centered design, and product equity and encourage myself and others to interrogate impact of capitalism and colonization in the development and design of technology.

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I also love crocheting, biking & hiking, learning languages, nonfiction & memoirs, road trips, and noodles!

let's chat about

design justice, surveillance capitalism, design and policing, black feminist theory, liberatory design, decolonizing design

design readings

race after technology, Ruha Benjamin
design justice, Sasha Costanza-Chock
captivating technology,
multiple contributors, edited by ruha benjamin
atlas of AI,
kate crawford
society of the spectacle,
automating inequality, Virginia Eubanks
algorithms of oppression, Safiya Umoja Noble
age of surveillance capitalism, Shoshana Zuboff

University of Washington, Protothon (2021)
University of Southern California, createSC (2021)
Ctrl-V: Tech, Design, and the Replication of Systems of Oppresion (2021)
Tech & Society Lecture Series, Mills College (2022)